February 2018

What steps are you taking to reduce waste in your own life? 

This is a question we find ourselves asking often around the office. Striving to become a 100% sustainable business means looking within our individual selves to find the solutions and take action. Whether it's committing to generating zero plastic waste, composting for your own garden, going paperless with billing, or choosing to support eco-friendly businesses with your hard earned money, these choices all point to a sustainable lifestyle, and result in a healthier environment for our children. 

There are steps you can take today to get on the path to sustainability. We made a list to help get you started. If you're interested in beginning your own compost pile, we have a guide for that as well. 

This month, we are celebrating Plastic Free Day on February 21st. You can sign up through Broad Reach to show your commitment to generating zero plastic waste. You don't need to sign up to participate though, just follow these steps to fulfill that commitment:

  • Do not use any single-use plastics like straws, cups, grocery bags, product packaging, wrappers, etc.
  • Don't purchase anything made of plastic, obviously.
  • Stay clear of products containing microplastics and plastic microfibers.
  • Bring your own utensils with you if you're planning to eat out somewhere without silverware.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and travel mug with you to avoid plastic bottles and coffee cup toppers, etc.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #PlasticFreeDay when you post on social media! 

Show us how you are going plastic-free when you tag #Bamboozle.

Show us how you are going plastic-free when you tag #Bamboozle.

To see what Bamboozle is doing to become sustainable, you can read about our production process and the material we use. We also use an eco-friendly packaging process, which can be read about here in one of our previous blog entries. We love hearing your feedback! Want to share what you're doing to be eco-friendly? Send us a message, or tag us on social media with #Bamboozle.