November 2017

Let’s Talk About Sustainability.

Here at Bamboozle, we are consistently making strides towards operating a 100% sustainable business model. Our products go through extensive testing and analysis to meet strict conditions for what constitutes as an eco-friendly item. The bamboo we use is sourced in China, where the products themselves are made. From there, we utilize third party audits to ensure that our factories have fair and equal treatment for their workers, as well as eco-conscious business operations. Despite these advancements, there is still much work to be done before we can even think about calling ourselves satisfied.

Bamboozle is preparing to take another step forward with the acquisition of the HSM ProfiPack Cardboard Converter. This machine takes old boxes that we receive from product shipments, and turns that same cardboard into a material which allows us to use it as packaging filler. As a result, this process will replace thousands of pieces of plastic, removing harmful elements from our environment. In addition, this will cut down on the cardboard waste that was destined for a normal shredder or incinerator.

The ProfiPack hard at work in our warehouse.

The ProfiPack hard at work in our warehouse.

The material created resembles an open grid-like structure which offers flexibility while retaining the ability to insulate product from normal wear and tear that happens on the box while in transit. An example of what it looks like is provided below.

This commitment to ourselves, our retailers, and to our customers is what keeps our integrity intact. It’s part of what makes Bamboozle the unique company that it is. We firmly believe that we owe it to our future generations to work towards a cleaner environment, a sustainable lifestyle, and a healthier planet Earth.

In Other News:

Our Fall line is just about ready to begin shipping. We wanted to give a special thank you to all of those who pre-ordered our new salad bowlsmixing bowls, and serving pieces. We simply cannot wait to see what you think of them. If you have photos you’d like to share, drop us a line and we’d love to post them on our social media.