· By Mitchell Sweeting

Calling All Little Feet – Keep Those Footprints Tiny!

No matter your age, nature has the power to teach important, valuable and life affirming lessons.

For some of the youngest citizens of our planet, perhaps the most inspiring lesson nature has to teach is the power that some of the world’s TINIEST creatures hold. Indeed, some of nature’s greatest superstars are also some of its smallest.

Don’t believe that tiny creatures can do BIG things? Here are a few facts to change your tune:

  • Some species of ants can carry up to 50x their own weight! That would be the same as an adult carrying a van down the street!
  • Bees pollinate about 75% of the fruits and vegetables we eat! Without bees, we wouldn’t have apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes and a whole bunch of other yummy foods!
  • Worms love to recycle! They take care of the earth’s topsoil by breaking down dead organisms and returning the nutrients to the soil.

Just like ants, bees and earthworms, tiny humans can make a HUGE impact on our planet’s health, and especially when they work together. There are TONS of simple and easy things our little planet helpers can do each day to keep the earth healthy. Things like:

  • Writing on both sides of paper
  • Cleaning up trash
  • Turning off lights to save energy
  • Composting food scraps
  • Using a reusable grocery bag
  • Biking more
  • Choosing reusable, recyclable and biodegradable plates! Like Tiny Footprint!

By teaching little ones that their actions matter, no matter how small, we are teaching them that they have the power to make a positive impact on our planet! Knowledge is power and knowing how to keep one’s footprint TINY by taking clear, actionable steps to protect our planet is the first step in a long journey of clean, sustainable living!

So, the next time a little one in your life thinks they’re just too small to do BIG and important stuff in the world at all… take a closer look and then they’ll see how the smallest of things are as MIGHTY as can be!

-Sandra Magsamen 

Let our Tiny Footprint Pals inspire your little one to make a big step!


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