· By Mitchell Sweeting

Earth Day 2022

It’s not until you look back at the path you traveled that you could appreciate each step. Looking back, we are so proud to see how far we have come. We owe so much of it to our customers, team, and partners who committed to our mission through thick and thin. It is that mission, that on occasion made our work much more difficult, that kept us focused and brought us this far. It's only appropriate that today on Bamboozle 6th Earth Day we recommit to the principles at the core of our mission. 

Meet people where they are. Shifting our lifestyle towards sustainability is an incredibly difficult gradual process. If the product does not fit your life, it sits collecting dust. All the energy and materials it took to bring it to you are wasted. Buying something sustainably sourced is wonderful but using it makes sustainability more meaningful. We strive to balance lifestyle and sustainability and that sometimes means sacrificing one for the other.  

Improve every year. If we sacrifice sustainability for lifestyle we must commit to constant improvement. Our materials, where they come from, how far they travel, or what happens when they are thrown away needs to get better every year. We are still a long way from perfection, but one step a year for the past few years has added up to something amazing. We have gone from 50% plastic all the way to 100% plant-based materials while still maintaining dishwasher safety and even adding Microwave safety. We have gone from a mostly biodegradable substance to a totally compostable one. 

Be a good partner. Partnership is a give and take, where all sides must be generous to create something amazing. We are just one part of a collaborative community of people, manufacturers, and brands trying to do something positive. The only competition is traditional petroleum-based plastics, and we welcome and share our knowledge with anyone who wants to make the transition with us.  

Our re-commitment. With Astrik, our newest material we continue our journey to close the loop. Our vision is to find the shortest, least environmentally damage, and most transparent path from farm back to the soil. Between those two bookends to make product that can be used daily for years without compromise. To share our work with anyone who wants to bring us closer into balance with our planet.  

We welcome you to reach out to us, support sustainable brands, and back all who are committing to a change. Every choice we make is an investment into a sustainable future. 



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