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This how we HoldOn to a brighter future!

From President & Co-Founder of HoldOn Bags, Sheeva Sairafi

In 2021, I gave birth to my first child. Like all parents do, I began to think about what my son’s future would look like. As I watched him take his first steps and explore the world, I became more concerned about what condition the world would be in as he grew up.

I was humbled to find out just how much our everyday choices - like packing a snack baggie or taking out the trash - could impact the planet. 100 BILLION. That’s how many plastic bags are used - and tossed out - each year in America alone.Bags that pile up in landfills, clog waterways, and entangle wildlife. Bags that take centuries to decompose. Bags that, if thrown away today, will still be emitting harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere when our great, great, great, great, great-grandchildren are born. 

HoldOn was born from the simple idea that there has to be a greener way to go about our daily chores. We created plant-based, sustainable bags so you never have to sacrifice convenience to care for the planet. Our offering includes our Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, Small Space Trash Bags and our sandwich + gallon bags – all compostable!  

So, what are the bags made out of you ask? Our products are made from plant-based, home compostable materials that are durable and strong like plastic but break down in weeks, not centuries


  1. PBAT
Polybutylene adipate terephthalate, known as PBAT is a biodegradable polymer. This flexible and resilient material is an alternative to polyethylene, the most commonly used household plastic. Unlike polyethylene, PBAT breaks down quickly without emitting greenhouse gas or toxic residue. Additionally, PBAT uses less crude oil and fossil fuel than traditional plastics during production.
2. PLA
Polylactic acid, also known as PLA, is a monomer derived from organic, renewable sources. This plant-based material is made from the sugars in corn starch, cassava or sugarcane. PLA requires 65% less energy than traditional plastics in production and emits 68% less greenhouse gases as it decomposes. This nontoxic material breaks down cleanly and does not produce microplastic residue.
Cornstarch is a common household substance that bonds the elements in our material to produce a flexible, durable final product. This organic, gluten-free material breaks down quickly, without emitting toxic gases.

We use all recyclable FSC certified material to package our products and don’t use unnecessary paper packaging - and never plastic.

Our bags are 100% home compostable - but that doesn’t mean you need to compost to use them. We use materials that are TUV-certified to the highest standards of compostability - meaning that they break down in weeks, not years, after you toss ‘em. For non-composters, simply use HoldOn bags like normal. Fill HoldOn trash bags with your garbage, then tie and toss! Once they end in a landfill and are exposed to heat, air, and pressure, they’ll decompose without emitting toxic gases - and won’t stick around for centuries like plastic bags. 

This how we HoldOn to a brighter future. Are you ready to join us? Hold on, this is going to get good. 


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