Meet The Team


Valerie Greenstein, Director

With a background in education and business management, Valerie is the lead conductor of company operations, customer management, accounting, and works to ensure an optimal path to success.


Steven Greenstein, CEO

With a career in product sourcing and executive management spanning nearly four decades, Steve provides essential consultation ranging from logistics to merchandising, office operations, and product design.

Avishai Greenstein
Brand Manager

Avi serves as company brand manager, providing oversight on new product development and opening new relationships with retailers and customers alike. His background spans management roles across multiple industries such as culinary


Elizabeth Beneke
Executive Assistant

Elizabeth serves multiple roles within the company, most notably as both a project manager and lead assistant for Bamboozle’s wholesale division. Her expertise


Mitchell Sweeting

A background spanning digital marketing, account management, customer service, and sales; Mitch possesses a dynamic skill set that helps Bamboozle to better reach its end-user.


Krit Upra

An alumni of RIT, Krit offers a unique worldview ranging from multiple cultures, backgrounds, and environments. His skill as a photographer, videographer, and designer helps to elevate the Bamboozle product line.


Omair Vaseer
Merchandising / Logistics

Omair serves as company merchandiser. where he is actively involved in new product development, managing production in our factory, as well as overseeing supply of products between our warehouse and our factory.


David Willard