Why Should I Start Composting?

Composting is an easy way to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. In the U.S. alone, over 80 billion tons of food waste is generated every year. A lot of that waste comes from food scraps such as fruits and vegetables, yard waste, or other organic material.

That waste can be broken down into beneficial nutrients. This is needed when growing fruits, plants, and other produce. The newly enriched soil helps to retain moisture.

It also reduces the need for artificial fertilizers. Composting helps to reduce excess greenhouse gasses that are released from landfills, such as methane.

How to Compost

Why Our Composter?

The award winning Bamboozle compost bin is a sleek countertop composter bin that allows you to transport your organic waste to either an outdoor pile, or to a local community facility. The filtered lid helps to keep out any unwanted smells, and the bamboo handle allows for easy carrying.

A variety of different color options ensure that whatever your style, it will look great in any kitchen setting. The indoor compost bin is made from our biodegradable bamboo fiber that is dishwasher safe, making any clean-up a breeze.

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Award Winning

A tool used to reduce waste that is also made of renewable material while still being stylish enough to stay on the kitchen counter. Our composter creates a full circle of sustainability!

  • Compost Bin
    Compost Bin



    When your compost bin is full, there are a few different options on what you can do with it. For those who live in a house, you can set up an outdoor compost pile to store the compost. This will be a resource to use for any plants or produce you grow on your own.

    For those who live in an apartment or community housing, check to see if there are any local municipal composting facilities that allow either drop-off or pick-up services. If you aren’t sure what your options are, you can reference our interactive municipal composting map to find a location near you.

    Liner Bags

    Help to keep your Bamboozle unit clean and Tidy by allowing for easy dumping of contents. Each bag fits snugly into your composter to maintain a neat look. Best of all It can go right into your compost!

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    Hemp Filters

    Our custom-made composter filter fits into the lid, allowing your compost to “breathe” while trapping odors.

    Our new filters are also made from a
    biodegradable hemp base that breaks down cleanly and is 100% Compostable!

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    Kenkashi Microbs

    Kenkashi uses microbes that help retain nitrogen in your soil. Reducing smell while supercharging the nutrition you can feed your plants. This process comes from the ancient “Bokashi” composting method that has been used in Korea and Japan for hundreds of years.


    Learn more about Kenkashi in our recent blog spotlight.

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    everything you need

    We hope to make composting easier for everyone, making sure you have everything you need to start off on the right foot. Check out our compost bundle, or any of our accessories.

  • Hemp Filter Set (6 Pack)
    Hemp Filter Set (6 Pack)


  • Compost Bin
    Compost Bin


  • Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf
    Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf