Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf

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We have partnered with a local farm in Virginia that makes a composting additive called Kenkashi. 

Kenkashi is made from an inoculated kenaf, which adds a boost of nitrogen to your soil while helping to neutralize any unwanted smells.  

The inoculation is caused by fermented bacteria which helps to preserve the nutrients in your vegetable scraps that get thrown into the composting bin.  

Kenkashi uses a hemp base, which absorbs liquid, and adds a healthy consortium of microbes harvested in the Blue Ridge Mountains to start this healthy process in the composter, which is eventually moved to the ground where any produce is grown. 

This mixture can also be used in potting soil, potted plants, roof and container gardening directly. 

One bag of Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf can last approximately three cycles in a Bamboozle composter.  

Dimensions: 4.75” x 3.25” x 8.25