Introducing Tiny Footprint!

Bamboozle Home is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest collection. Tiny Footprint is a line of eco-friendly bamboo fiber tableware designed specifically for your little ones. Sustainable, Biodegradable, and Dishwasher Safe Tiny Footprint is the perfect first eating set. Help them keep their ecological footprint small by starting off tiny.

Tiny Footprint: An eco-friendly, bamboo-based alternative to children's tableware.
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Eco-Friendly Parenting

The health of our planet is an important issue to us and it will only become more important to our children. Before they can make their own choices to protect the environment you can help make the right decision for them. By the time they are in grade school, the bamboo used to make their Tiny Footprint tableware will have completely regrown. By the time they graduate college their tiny footprint will have disappeared completely. 

Meet the characters

A Message from the Designer

I am a Mom who believes that our children are the greatest gift. I created this collection to celebrate these precious treasures and to share the heartfelt messages we all want to give our little ones. A wish for happiness, a dream for joy, hope for a better tomorrow, and faith that they will grow to be all that they can be. Living Heartfully, Sandra

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