Introducing New Members to the Tiny Footprint Family

Tiny Footprint welcomes Bingo the Dog, Carlos the Crab, and Clarabelle the Cow! 

When you think of the word 'sustainability,' what does it mean to you? Eating healthier? Riding your bike to work instead of driving? Farming your own produce? Consuming less plastic? There are many different ways for one to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, but the idea behind it is to reduce your overall impact on the planet. At Bamboozle & Tiny Footprint, we strive every day to represent the Ethos of the word: sustainable.

We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest animals. The Tiny Footprint family has grown over the last 3 years to nine members! Wow! These three new sets represent a continued commitment to offer an eco-conscious alternative for your little one. 

Made with our revolutionary bamboo material, Tiny Footprint utilizes re-purposed bamboo fibers. Each piece is resilient enough to withstand industrial dishwasher temperatures, while remaining biodegradable so that you never feel guilty about throwing them away. That's right, you can re-use them as much as you want! Once placed in the landfill, it breaks down naturally over time. 

Designed by award-winning author and storyteller, Sandra Magsamen, our Tiny Footprint serves as a suitable option for teaching your little one how to eat while also showing them how to build a connection with the world around them. Read more about the designer. 

With Bamboozle, you no longer need to sacrifice form and function for an eco alternative. Our catalog offers a wide range of pieces suitable for every day kitchen tasks. The five piece Tiny Footprint sets are available for $20. 

Interested in getting a Tiny Footprint set of your own? View our kid's section, or locate a store near you. We also have pieces for dining, cooking, and serving. You can also click each photo on the right to be taken to the product page.


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