Partnering With Bamboozle

When you open a wholesale account with Bamboozle, you are joining a community of over 400 other retailers ranging from small mom & pop shops to larger big box stores. Our bamboo kitchenware has been featured in The New York Times, Museum of Modern Art, Food52, as well as publications such as Coastal Living and Wired Magazine. Our kid's line, Tiny Footprint, was designed in partnership with award-winning author and storyteller, Sandra Magsamen. Our ability to offer an eco-friendly alternative for both adults and kids, at a reasonable price point, is what helps to set us apart from other tabletop and kitchenware companies. 


Warehousing & Logistics

Our parent company, Method Sourcing, offers a strategic warehouse operation that is centrally located on the eastern seaboard along major trucking lines and close to a number of ports. In addition, we have shipping capabilities available throughout the entirety of U.S. territories. Our facility allows for picking, dispatching, and shipping any quantity to retailers as well as online customers within 48 hours. Leveraging existing relationships with U.S. base carriers provides cost efficient local distribution. 


Ethical Sourcing

Bamboozle ensures that our factory in China continues to offer a sustainable business model. The bamboo is harvested in China, where it grows naturally. The factory then acquired old machinery that they were able to convert into the machines that produce our products today. In addition, we submit them to annual third party audits and examinations to guarantee this sustainable business model, and ensure fair and equal treatment of workers. 


We've made strides in the last three years to continue offering new and more eco-friendly options for our customers. In 2015 our products consisted of 50% bamboo and 50% cornstarch resin. In 2016 we improved and updated our entire catalog to a 70/30 blend. 2018 will see the unveiling of a new line that features an 85% bamboo make-up which does not sacrifice durability, dishwasher safety, or form. Learn more about our materials.