Sustainability Simplified

Renewable, Low Impact materials that can be harvested frequently without damaging the soil or landscape.

Using machines retooled to mold a new responsible material, creating dishwasher-safe and durable products; made to sustain everyday use and strong enough to be enjoyed for years.

We stand by our products and carry every replacement component.  Let's first try to fix what we have instead of replacing it with something new. Turning a flood of waste into just a trickle.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Finally a compost bin that can match my kitchen! I leave mine on the counter so I think to do it more and this one is cute enough to fit the bill.

- Cassie

They (bowls) are very lightweight and durable. You can use a hand mixer with them and it doesn’t scratch the bowl. Best bowls I have ever had!

- Renee

Totally amazing in every way. Has a textured variegated surface that minimizes the look of dirt. Not too big. Just amazing. I love mine.

- Ally