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  • The Role of Microbs for Healthy Soil

    The Role of Microbs for Healthy Soil

    There is no question we should compost— finally, there are moves on larger scales to collect food waste in cities; more and more services are emerging that gather our kitchen scraps; and there are a LOT of good reasons to dig into the options of how to compost.  One of the most urgent reasons is keeping food waste out of our landfills, as much as 11% of global methane released into our atmosphere comes from food rot, contributing to global warming. What we may not realize is how exactly compost is helpful to our soil, or what else we can...

  • This how we HoldOn to a brighter future!

    This how we HoldOn to a brighter future!

    From President & Co-Founder of HoldOn Bags, Sheeva Sairafi In 2021, I gave birth to my first child. Like all parents do, I began to think about what my son’s future would look like. As I watched him take his first steps and explore the world, I became more concerned about what condition the world would be in as he grew up. I was humbled to find out just how much our everyday choices - like packing a snack baggie or taking out the trash - could impact the planet. 100 BILLION. That’s how many plastic bags are used -...

  • Stay Green While The Leaves Change This Season

    Stay Green While The Leaves Change This Season

    With fall right around the corner it’s time to start prepping for the colder days ahead. Hopefully we all get a little taste of fall this year before the snow starts to fall. Although like summer came all at once, I dread that fall will come and go within a blink of an eye. Like every season, there are certain things we can do to keep our lifestyles sustainable as our days grow shorter.   Like most of you, we are always looking for more ways to become more sustainable in our everyday lives. So we thought sharing some of...

  • To Give Is To Receive

    To Give Is To Receive

    I am Steve, the CEO/ President and founder of Bamboozle Home. I am not the owner, that privilege goes to my wife Valerie, who i love working for. We have over the years tried to incorporate charities into our daily lifestyle. To have that emotional "feel good" sentiment, you must understand what you give and what you receive from giving.Charity is not only about monetary donations, but we have also used Bamboozle Home for product donations to two organizations at two different universities. This allows them to upgrade their serve ware and tabletop items. This enhancement makes an overwhelming difference...

  • World Clean Up Day!

    World Clean Up Day!

     World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 191 countries across the world for a cleaner planet. Last year alone, even with the restrictions from the pandemic, we were able to unite over 8.5 million people in those participating countries. On this day each year, volunteers and partners come together worldwide to rid our planet of trash by cleaning up litter and waste from our beaches, rivers, forest, and streets.   This event is one of the largest waste collection days in human history. In 2018, 17.6 million and in 2019, 21.2 million environment...

  • Perfectionism is The Enemy of Progress

    Perfectionism is The Enemy of Progress

    A few ways I (imperfectly) live sustainably- Yep, it's true. I am not perfect at sustainability. I don't always bring a bag to the store with me, to-go boxes with me to a restaurant, and sometimes I even get a coffee from Starbucks in a plastic cup (insert gasp here). Being perfect isn't real and when I feel pressured to do anything 100% the "right" way with no room for just being a human living a human life, I flounder and move away from that thing. I want you to know that taking little steps towards sustainability is okay and...