Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bamboozle made of?

Bamboozle products are primarily made from repurposed bamboo fibers. The process begins by gathering excess materials from bamboo flooring and furniture manufacturers and grinding them into a fine powder. A non-toxic resin, consisting of cornstarch and PET (the recyclable plastic found in water bottles), is then added to ensure resilience, moldability, and dishwasher safety.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource. Many species of bamboo can grow two feet or more per day without the need for demanding irrigation, clear-cutting, or intensive management. It is harvested without uprooting the plant, and therefore, does not need replanting. Bamboo renews itself readily; some species experience full regrowth within one year. Bamboo also helps reduce greenhouse gases, produces oxygen, and stabilizes the earth with its roots, preventing erosion.

What is Astrik?

Astrik is a composite of PLA and plant fiber. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. It is a fantastic substitute for oil-based plastics, which are both nonrenewable and contribute additional carbon to the environment. When properly disposed of in industrial composting facilities, PLA can break down into water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter. Even when disposed of in a regular waste stream, it can break down much faster than traditional plastics. The plant fiber is chosen based on what is most sustainably available where the material is made. Being extremely renewable, plentiful, and low impact, bamboo is our best choice when manufacturing in Asia. Instead of grinding down virgin bamboo, we use discarded ends from furniture factories that would usually be incinerated. When combined and colored, Astrik can be injection molded into dishwasher and microwave-safe tools to be used every day for many years. It may not solve all our plastic problems, but with every improvement, we take one step closer to a perfect circular economy.

Product Testing and Certifications

We make bold claims and understand the incredible damage caused by ‘greenwashing’. We carry certifications for our material's biodegradable properties, scientific papers published by the PLA Processors, and FSC certifications from the bamboo forests where our fiber originates. We always aim to be honest about what our product is and what it is not. Product safety is an absolute priority for us. We have been using our products in our daily lives and deeply care about everyone’s well-being. We use third-party testing facilities to ensure that everything adheres to the strictest safety standards set forth by the FDA and Prop 65. We also deeply care about all the people involved in the creation of our product. We conduct yearly audits of the factories used to mold the products. If even a single criterion is not met, the factories must improve and submit to another test within weeks. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, all of our testing documents are available upon request.

How are Bamboozle Products Made?

We use the process of injection molding to create our products. Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing process in which plastic material is injected into a mold cavity under high pressure. Once the plastic cools and solidifies within the mold, it takes on the shape of the mold cavity, resulting in the formation of a plastic part or product. This process is highly versatile and efficient, allowing for the production of complex shapes and intricate details with consistent quality and precision.

It’s important to note that our products are not coated with any chemicals or additives. The material is consistent throughout the entire product.

Bamboo fiber is a natural cellulose-based material derived from the pulp of bamboo plants. It is known for its eco-friendly properties and versatility, making it a popular choice in sustainable manufacturing. Bamboo fibers are extracted from bamboo stalks and then spun into yarns for use in textiles, composites, and various other products. It is renowned for its strength, durability, and breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bamboozle scratch easily? Normal forks and knives will not leave long-lasting impressions. The use of sharp chef, prep, and steak knives is not recommended.

Does Bamboozle retain stains? Bamboozle has been tested to handle the toughest stains, such as beet juice, dressings, and tomato sauces.

How do I ensure the longest life for my Bamboozle dishes? While our products are durable, Bamboozle is mostly composed of bamboo and therefore does not react well to extreme temperatures below freezing or above boiling. Prolonged soaking is not recommended.

Is Bamboozle dishwasher safe? Yes. Bamboozle is specifically designed to be both eco-friendly and easy to care for. All pieces have been thoroughly tested and can withstand use in household dishwashers.

Is Bamboozle microwave safe? Yes and no. Our classic bamboo material can overheat and dry in the microwave, reducing the lifespan of the product. While microwaving is not recommended, Bamboozle products do not release any toxins when exposed to heat. Astrik products can be injection molded into dishwasher and microwave-safe tools to be used every day for many years. It may not solve all our plastic problems, but with every improvement, we take one step closer to a perfect circular economy.

Is Bamboozle BPA-free? Yes. Bamboozle upholds the strictest standards for BPA regulations.

What testing has been done on Bamboozle? Bamboozle has scored the highest marks for food safety, biodegradability, and dishwasher resilience. Our products are also submitted to Proposition 65 testing in California to confirm that no toxic chemicals or materials are included.

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