· By Avishai Greenstein

Astrik. It's Like Plastic, But Plants?

Seven years ago, we had hoped to find the perfect material. Something that was inexpensive, sustainable, biodegradable. It also had to be easy to care for since if it did not fit into our lives we would rarely use it. As it turns out everything hinges on that last difficult requirement.  

Wood can be harvested sustainably, and it is biodegradable but requires lots of care. Plastic can be thrown in the dishwasher or microwave, but it’s made from oil that pollutes the environment for millennia. We even found some wonderful people were working on high tech alternatives, they were all too expensive or too rare to bring into our homes. 

It was disappointing but it had us start asking questions. Is there a solution somewhere in the middle? Could we use less plastic? make wood dishwasher safe?  Was some action better than inaction? Thankfully those questions were easier to answer. Definitely Yes! 

Sustainability is a journey. We start somewhere and with a commitment to improve, we will get to where we need to be. Over time bamboo fiber went from 50% less plastic to 85% less. We were proud of ourselves but we knew that would not be enough.  


Through that commitment (and pestering our engineers) Astrik was developed. Replacing the plastic content with Bioplastic made from plants, the rest with ground bamboo. It’s durable, dishwasher and microwave safe, biodegradable, and is made with absolutely no oil. We think it represents the best that’s available for your home right now.   

We did achieve what we had originally set to do but, in the process, learned that there is still so much more. We Know that Astrik can be made less expensive, travel less, and become stronger. There is even the possibility that we can use plants that regenerate the environment, not just reduce harm. All is possible with passion and time. 

Consider where you are in your own sustainable journey. Chances are if you are reading this then you’re probably quite farther then you think. Just plan to do something better than the year before. Big or small, just keep doing it and next year it will be routine. Then it will be time for another next step.  

Avi Greenstein 

Bamboozle Brand manager and one of many founders 


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