National Composting Day 2022

As all the excitement for earth month comes to a close, we are getting excited for the National Day of Composting! Composting is one of the simplest ways to be sustainable. We do our best to make composting even easier. Between our stylish kitchen composter, our compost information guide, municipal compost map, and our friends at Kenkashi, we make composting a breeze! But why do we compost? Composting is the perfect way to cut down on unnecessary waste and start to live a more sustainable life. It is estimated that around 30% of the waste we throw away is comprised of food scraps and yard clippings. On average the US wastes about 133 billion pounds of a year of organic waste. We could list all the crazy food waste facts, but if you’re reading this you probably know most of them already. We just wanted to tell you thank you! Thank you for being sustainable and utilizing our composter to do that.

Our beloved composter was almost put to bed before the world discovered it. Could you imagine if Bamboozle didn’t have its composter? Who would we even be? Then everyone fell in love with its sleek design and the simplicity. Not to mention the awesome charcoal filter that saves your nose! The rest is history, So many of you rave and brag about our little kitchen composter and it means the world to us.

Here at Bamboozle HQ we’ve started composting in house, all our employees have their own composters, so that they can bring scraps here to add to our compost bin. We have big plans for an office veggie garden in the future so we can utilize all this awesome compost we’re making but for right now were just adding in. For beginning gardeners, like myself, composting is a great way to reduce plant disease and pests, while keeping soil moist and healthy.

So, from our compost pile to yours, Happy Composting Day!

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