· By Mitchell Sweeting

Introducing our new Prep 'n Serve Tray Set

If you are like us, you love food and you love cooking. And you love to feed people.

Bamboozle has teamed up with Elizabeth Karmel to create the most sustainable, efficient, and likely the most functional cooking tool out there.

 One of the biggest workhorses in the kitchen is the sheet pan, a.k.a. sheet tray, or the half pan/half tray to be exact. Chefs and home cooks alike use it to prep in the kitchen as well as transport food to and from the grill. But face it, it’s not the best-looking serving piece and doesn’t come with bowls that fit perfectly. We wanted a set that was more functional, cohesive, and beautiful.

Drumroll please…

We are so excited to introduce the Prep ‘n Serve™ Tray set! This set can be used for a multitude of different recipes and dishes to help you go from the pantry to the table with fewer dishes, less mess, and more organization.

There are endless uses for this tray set and so many different ideas that can be brought to life. With the Prep Set Tray set your able to make an easy burger bar without making 5 trips to the grill. Bring out your raw meat right on the smaller size Prep Set Tray and take the cooked burgers off the grill and put them right onto the large Prep Set Tray, while also having all your toppings in the prep cups ready to go! All stacked together for one quick trip outside.

Then tomorrow after a night in the dishwasher, yes, this sustainable miracle is dishwasher safe! The Prep Set Tray is ready to tackle stir fry night! Use the 6 cups to sort out all your ingredients as you chop away, then after you toss them all together, stack up all the cups for an easy cleanup!

The Prep ‘n Serve™ Tray also makes a great base for the famous charcuterie boards! Any last-minute party planning you have, The Prep Set Tray will give you those extra hands you need to get it done, while keeping your counter organized with our trays and cups, and clean with our spoon rest built right into the tray!

When you start to fall in love with our set, which we KNOW you will, you can even expand your set as much as you want, adding more cups, larger or smaller trays to your collection. Avi and Elizabeth really thought of everything making this set just in time for the resurrection of big family holidays this year! We can’t wait to see what you use it for!


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