· By Mitchell Sweeting

Replace over Rebuy

Every year, the world produces over 380 million tons of plastic, which can end up polluting our natural environment and oceans. Most of this plastic ends up in landfills, where it takes hundreds to thousands of years to decompose. This has led to a global crisis that affects all of us, and it's up to all of us to act.

Sustainability is the key to a better future. As a company, we are committed to reducing our collective impact on the environment. We constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to make your journey to sustainability effortless.

We started by repurposing existing machines to mold new materials like bamboo fiber, a renewable and sustainable resource that can be harvested frequently without damaging the soil or landscape. This significantly reduces the damage each product does to the environment but still contains a small amount of plastic.

To one up ourselves we have been experimenting with Astrik, a 100% plant-based plastic, to create dishwasher and microwave-safe and durable products that can be enjoyed for years. Astrik breaks down quickly and safely unlike traditional plastic.

But there is no silver bullet, a new product will always have some negative impact. Our hope is that everything we make will be used daily for a long time. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. So, we offer replacement parts for all our items for just the price of shipping, even down to the screws for the composter. Together let’s prioritize fixing what we have instead of replacing it with something new turning a flood of waste into a mere trickle.

We do what we do to make the choice easy, affordable, and stylish. Because in the end it is you that turn our efforts into a brighter future. Each of us can save a few pounds of plastic from entering our environment, make compost instead of filling our landfills, and use what we already have. A small choice for one that amounts to a monumental change together.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, to many more years on this beautiful green planet of ours.


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