The New Green Kitchen

Transform your kitchen this year! Bamboozle has sustainable products for you to paint your kitchen green! We strive to create products that keep the Earth happy without cramping your style. Here are our top 5 essential products from us that we think will boost your sustainable game!


Prep ‘N Serve – Our Prep ‘N Serve Set is the perfect way to keep the kitchen organized. This set is made of our plant-based plastic, Astrik, so you can be sure that you’re staying sustainable as you prep! Plus, its dishwasher and microwave safe! Use the cups and trays to make cooking easy or use them to create the ultimate burger bar. This Set is expandable too! Upgrade with more cups or another tray to make a set perfect for your needs!

Composter – One of the easiest sustainable swaps is to start composting! We try to make composting the easiest switch you can make. Use our Bamboo kitchen composter to dispose of your food scraps, then bring it out to a larger compost pile. Our composters are dishwasher safe and use a charcoal filter to help absorb the smell. Plus, it will keep your kitchen stylish. We offer information on tips and tricks to help keep composting easy, from blogs to maps on where you can drop off your scraps in your town.


Mixing Bowls - Our Mixing bowls are all about style, while staying in the sustainable game. They come in 3 different color ways to match your own personal style! These products are made with low impact, fast-growing bamboo to create a lightweight, durable, dishwasher safe, bowl that doesn’t cramp your style. With 7 bowls, there’s a size for any need. Use larger bowls for baking or family style meals, and smaller bowls for salads or your favorite snacks. The perfect set for the family chef!

Tiny Footprint – Did you know that Bamboozle also has a kids line? Tiny Footprint Kids offers adorable designs from Sandra Magsamen. Each Character set includes a Bamboo plate, bowl, cup, fork, and spoon. Your little ones will love our pals, while keeping their tiny footprints on the environment just that, tiny. Help your little ones learn about new animals while they clean their plates!


Blates – The simplest change is to do away with the paper plates in the kitchen and replace them with biodegradable Blates! You don’t have to give up the easy cleaning either because these Blates are dishwasher safe! Our sleek design is the perfect addition to any family table, featuring deep edges to help maintain even the sauciest dishes. Mix and match with up to six color combinations to create your own unique set!

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