To Give Is To Receive

I am Steve, the CEO/ President and founder of Bamboozle Home. I am not the owner, that privilege goes to my wife Valerie, who i love working for. We have over the years tried to incorporate charities into our daily lifestyle. To have that emotional "feel good" sentiment, you must understand what you give and what you receive from giving.

Charity is not only about monetary donations, but we have also used Bamboozle Home for product donations to two organizations at two different universities. This allows them to upgrade their serve ware and tabletop items. This enhancement makes an overwhelming difference to how they are perceived as an organization. In return, these donations allow us to see how our product works in a "more commercial" environment. We have also, reassuringly, convinced them and other users to go the sustainable, eco-friendly way.

Our whole company has participated in a program where we interview young adults, with disabilities, to help them prepare for a zoom job interview. The Charity here is about giving time. They get experience on interviews; we get inspiration from people who face far more hardships in daily life than we do. We were so moved at how much we helped, we decided to employ someone in our region with disabilities. It is a hard road to try and balance helping this individual in a way that he feels a part of the team, a part of our family whilst allowing him to feel independent and appreciated.

In times of stress, higher prices, and supply chain issues, remember a charity. Give time, items not used anymore, product and/or money. Get that adrenalin from giving to others. Get the same adrenalin of knowing that your next purchase, act, or deed is as kind to the earth as you are to a charity


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