Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf (Sample Size)
Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf (Sample Size)
Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf (Sample Size)

Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf (Sample Size)

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We have partnered with a local farm in Virginia that makes a composting additive called Kenkashi. 

Kenkashi is made from an inoculated kenaf, which adds a boost of nitrogen to your soil while helping to neutralize any unwanted smells.  

The inoculation is caused by fermented bacteria which helps to preserve the nutrients in your vegetable scraps that get thrown into the composting bin.  

Kenkashi uses a hemp base, which absorbs liquid, and adds a healthy consortium of microbes harvested in the Blue Ridge Mountains to start this healthy process in the composter, which is eventually moved to the ground where any produce is grown. 

This mixture can also be used in potting soil, potted plants, roof and container gardening directly. 

One bag of Kenkashi Inoculated Kenaf can last approximately three cycles in a Bamboozle composter.  

Dimensions: 4.75” x 3.25” x 8.25 

Bamboozle Composting

Send less to the landfill

A must have for any home chef passionate about reducing waste, that champions sustainability with every scrap. Crafted from cutting edge Astrik material, our 100% plant based wonder material, making it the worlds only composable compost bin. You can rest assured that when it's time to bid adieu to your compost bin, it gracefully returns to the soil without a trace. But that’s years from now, it’s durable enough to survive countless trips to your composter or community drop-offs.

Happy customers, happy compost


This is a handy tool to contain food scraps while cooking. It looks great on the counter, nice design and material. I ordered one as a gift as well.


Bought one of these in 2010 for the same price (!) and we're still using it today. Cleans up easily with soap and water. I've used it with and without bags. Sometimes the screws on the handle some loose but just need to be retightened. Cool that they now have different colors! I bang my espresso portafilter on it daily and it (surprisingly) hasn't cracked!


This product was recommended to me as a newbie composter. It sets on my kitchen counter ready for the next stash, takes up little space, and is a good color match (slate). The filter does a great job keeping any smell away as does the bucket itself. It’s easy to transport, clean by hand or in the dishwasher. I recommend!


We got a composting tumbler for our back yard, but I really was not into the idea of having to walk all the way down to where we are keeping it every time I had food scraps. This little compost bin is just perfect! I never had food in it more than a few days, so I never noticed a strong smell, especially with the filter in. It did sometimes attract gnats (we get them really bad in the summer anyway) so just be aware of that. Its a very compact yet sturdy product, its easy to move around the kitchen so no matter where I am prepping my food it can go right next to me. Also I cant get over the terracotta color in my kitchen!

Jo Wolf

Compost with style and ease

Effortlessly toss vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells into your compost bin as you prep meals, knowing you're nourishing the Earth. No need to worry about that blast of smell every time you open it. A vented and filtered lid, expertly designed to catch unpleasant odors while allowing airflow for optimal composting conditions. You’ll no longer need to take up freezer space or hide it under your counter between your weekly trips to the composter. Best of all when it’s empty, whether you use our liner or go Au natural, simply pop it in the dishwasher and let it take care of the dirty work.

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