Before launching in 2016, President and Co-Founder Avishai and Steve Greenstein, innovated a new eco-friendly material that would become the essence of the Bamboozle brand. A repurposed bamboo mold supplemented by melamine, this Bamboo Fiber became the first ever sustainable and biodegradable plastic that was both cost-effective and dishwasher-safe.

At a time when more and more retailers and consumers craved eco-friendly products, the Greensteins made it their mission to prioritize green manufacturing while continuing to innovate noticeable styles. They created an eco-chic homeware line with a designer’s edge that made it easier than ever for people to reduce their waste with durable cookware, composting bins, baking accessories, and, most recently, Prep and Serve sets.

Since the development of Bamboo Fiber, President Avishai Greenstein has constantly evolved the product materials and pushed the boundaries to achieve higher sustainability standards. From the 70% bamboo – 30% melamine mix used at the
time of Bamboozle’s launch to a mix of 70% bamboo fiber – 15% melamine – 15% corn starch mix that further reduced their reliance on traditional plastic, he maintained the belief that more could be done to waste less. After all, going green is in the Greenstein name.

Bamboozle’s latest development, Astrik, represents Greentstein’s ethos. A Complete Line coming 2024 to Bamboozle.