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Who says cooking should be dull? Put away those boring mixing bowls and upgrade your kitchen to the colorful Bamboozle 7-Piece Nested Mixing Bowls!

Our mixing bowl set is perfect for everyday use, featuring a variety of color themes that will look great any kitchen! The set includes multiple sizes to suit all of your needs. Use larger bowls for baking or family style meals, and smaller bowls for salads or your favorite snacks. The set is also great for meal prepping.

All of the bowls are made with our biodegradable bamboo fiber. This means that they won’t sit around in landfills after you’ve moved on. Our bamboo fiber material is an eco-friendly blend of bamboo (duh!), cornstarch, and a small amount of melamine resin to help mold the shapes.

The total breakdown consists of the following: 70% bamboo, 15%
cornstarch, and 
15% melamine by volume.

The resulting material is sturdy enough for everyday use, but won't decompose in your kitchen cabinets. The bowls are dishwasher safe too, making clean-up a breeze. Due to the wood content of the material, these bowls are not microwave safe.

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  • Measuring Cup and Spoon Set
    Measuring Cup and Spoon Set


  • Measuring Bowl Set
    Measuring Bowl Set


  • Mixing Bowls
    Mixing Bowls


  • Measuring Bowls

    The 5-piece Measuring set is fabulous for everyday use, featuring multiple color themes to match any kitchen! Perfect for measuring out ingredients and keeping prep work organized and accurate. All of the bowls in this set have their specific measurements clearly built in, not painted on, directly on the side for easy reading and no fading. 

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    Measuring Cups & Spoon set

    Mix design and utility as easily as you mix flour and cocoa. Our measuring cups and spoons are durable and easy to clean. Match them with your 7-Piece Mixing Bowls. A Detachable ball chain ring for holding measuring cups and spoons together when not in use.

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