Keep every ingredient organized as you cook using an assortment of 6 cups, simplifying the meal prep process. 

Use the large tray to move all the ingredients together to everything to a stove or grill, and send the dirty trays and cups right to the dishwasher.


Serve food directly in the elegant colorful trays. 

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Prep N' Serve

Bamboozle has teamed up with Elizabeth Karmel to create a cooking tool that is functional, efficient, and sustainable. We wanted to create something that combined all these qualities while remaining cohesive and beautiful enough to be displayed in the kitchen, at the grill, or at the dinner table. 

IIntroducing the Prep ‘n Serve™ Tray set! This multi-functional kitchen tool can be used to aid you with all the different recipes. With it you can go from the pantry to counter to the grill with fewer dishes, less mess, and more organization than ever before.

Prep, Carry, and Serve with the ultimate Sustainable cooking organization tool. The set includes a large carry tray, a half utility tray, and 6 prep cups to help you Prep, Carry, and Serve. 

Features to ease your mind

Stay Organized

There are endless uses for this tray set and so many different ideas that can be brought to life. With the Prep Set Tray set you’re able to make an easy burger bar without making 5 trips to the grill. Bring out your raw meat right on the smaller size tray and once they’re cooked, place them onto the larger tray. Use the prep cups for all of your toppings and then you're ready to chow! Keep all the pieces stacked together for a quick trip outside. 

Make clean up a breeze when you put all pieces in the dishwasher! Yes, this sustainable miracle is dishwasher safe! Once it’s all clean, the Prep Set Tray is ready to tackle stir fry night! Use the 6 prep cups to sort out all your ingredients as you chop away, then after you toss them all together, stack up all the cups for an easy cleanup! 

The Prep ‘n Serve™ Tray also makes a great base for the famous charcuterie boards! Any last-minute party planning you have, The Prep Set Tray will give you those extra hands you need to get it done, while keeping your counter organized with our trays and cups, and clean with our spoon rest built right into the tray! 

As your needs change and evolve over time, you can expand your set as much as you want, adding more cups, larger or smaller trays to your collection. 

  • Prep 'N Serve Cups (Set of 6)
    Prep 'N Serve Cups (Set of 6)


  • Prep 'N Serve Medium Tray
    Prep 'N Serve Medium Tray


  • Prep 'N Serve Large Tray
    Prep 'N Serve Large Tray