· By Mitchell Sweeting

All the ‘Hot, Environmentally Conscious’ New Yorkers Have This Compost Bin

Life is suffering, and buying your way out of a waste problem is a first-world sucker’s game, but it still seemed there had to be a better way. It revealed itself to me one day when I was browsing kitchenware sites, trying to spend too much money on a drying rack. The Bamboozle compost bin has a smaller footprint than my coffee maker, but it can hold a week’s worth of food scraps. Soon after buying it, my sister-in-law visited, and I showed her the composter and asked, “Isn’t it cute?” (Like any normal host, I demand people compliment me on my latest acquisitions.) I knew she’d found my previous compost system stressful and confusing because she’d told me as much so many times. “It’s very inviting,” she said of my new bin. “I used to be afraid to have garbage at your house, and now I’m not anymore.”


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