· By Mitchell Sweeting

A Compost Change is Coming to California

I’m sure we all have some type of goal to at least be a little more sustainable in 2022. California has a pretty large goal starting January 1st. A new state law will require all food scraps and organic material to be placed in green waste bins that will be sent to composting facilities rather than thrown into landfills. Laws like this a reminder about the role food waste plays in damaging the environment across the United States, where up to 40% of food is wasted, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While other nations like France have similar programs in place for grocery stores and larger businesses, California’s program will target households as well, including the initiative to donate eligible food that may be thrown out to local foodbanks and similar charities.

While that sounds like an amazing step in the right direction to becoming a more sustainable society, what does that mean for California residents on the day to day? It’s actually a lot easier than you may think. The only real change is where you’re throwing your food scraps. Instead of the trashcan you will discard it into a different bin. All residence will be provided a curbside green organics bin, as well as a small kitchen bin to transfer waste from inside. The only issue with that is, many people won’t receive their bins until after the 1st. Cities providing bins are currently on backorder, making the kickoff of this program a little harder to navigate.

So where does that leave you; either with no bin to transport your scraps, or with a small plastic bin that not only stinks up your kitchen, but is a total eye sore. That, my friends, is where Bamboozle comes in. We can help make this whole experience more fun, more stylish, and even more sustainable than the program can. We sell kitchen countertop composters, as well as accessories that not only trap smells, but are themselves stylish, sustainable, and biodegradable.

This is our whole purpose; we push our industry towards environmental responsibility. Believing that we can decrease the use of disposable items with beautiful housewares you want to keep. Most importantly we can play it forward with materials that biodegrade in decades rather than centuries or millennia. So let us, help you, help the planet.

Our counter-top composter is perfect for storing organic scraps before transferring them to an outdoor compost pile or collection site. The filtered lid helps to absorb any smells caused from off-gassing and lasts about 2 months, and you can throw it right into the dishwasher. It even Includes a bamboo handle for hassle-free transport. We also sell spare filters, and compostable liners to keep the whole process clean and easy. We even work with a company specializing in compost additive called Kenkashi, this helps streamline the compost process with just a little sprinkle between layers of scraps. All these tools can help you avoid new finds and stay sustainable.

Now if you’re like me, 6 months ago I barely knew what composting was. All of this probably sounds like a lot of work that is now your responsibility. Well we thought of that too, so we set up a guide to help you start composting with tips, tricks, a how to, even a list of what you can and cannot compost. (Check with your local composting or recycling coordinator to see which organics are accepted by your community curbside or drop-off composting program.) We tried to make starting the process of composting to be an easy experience, something that anyone can do, because that’s always the hardest part is to start. Bamboozle is excited about the new changes that California is making and would love to be a part of that change with you! So start your sustainability journey in style with Bamboozle.



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