· By Mitchell Sweeting

Knork Flatware, Impossibly Clever

We at Knork have been making unique, patented, ergonomic, and smart stainless steel utensils for customers for years.  Knork’s superpower is a unique, built-in cutting ability!  

Innovative creativity can come from anywhere. And that is what happened the day Mike Miller went to a pizzeria with friends and struggled to eat pizza with a normal fork while trying to impress the ladies joining them for dinner. He then noticed an employee using an old fashioned rocker pizza slicer, imaged how that functionality could exist on his fork, and the rest is flatware history. 

A few years back we contacted @bamboozlehomewares to see if we could use their materials to improve our reusable plastics line towards sustainability. The result is our eco line. The ECO line is made from sugarcane and bamboo offcuts from furniture factories, features fully compostable (and reusable!) utensils that can withstand use in the dishwasher, yet break down in an industrial compost facility in less than two years. 

Knork is impossibly clever. Design-forward, ergonomic, with superior functionality and because Knork is truly an experiential product, we believe it is critical to increase the opportunities for getting Knork into consumers hands. Some of our relationships have been through food and wine events (product only sponsorships), restaurant partnerships and cooking school product partnerships that use in school and have product available for purchase. We always advise others who want to sell a product, Get creative and be relentless, all day everyday.

Our dream is to pair our ingenious KNORK designs with this remarkable Astrik resin material to create a brand new, seriously cool, earth-conscious line of products that encourage and promote sustainability during every dining experience.  

KNORK Eco is right in line with new green initiatives while also delivering on a cool design aesthetic. That seems to be a big challenge in the industry right now – linking great design and great functionality with authentic sustainability. Thank you to our expert partners at Method Sourcing - we are able to deliver on the authenticity. 



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