· By Mitchell Sweeting

We Started Growing Veggies at the Office!

Last year , our office decided to take advantage of some extra space by setting up an indoor seedling station! The results were so good last year we wanted to do it again!

The set-up was super quick; we utilized wire shelves that were no longer being used and purchased a few sets of UV lights to help speed up the growing process since the room we were going to build it in is rather dark even during the day. This year we are planning on doing the same thing and growing indoor produce, that our team can later plant into their own gardens. Last year our seeds shot up in just a short time. The seeds were planted and watered on a Friday. When we returned to the office the following Monday, we were shocked to see that some had already started to sprout! We hope we have such good luck again with these crops!

Here are some photos of last years indoor seedling set up.


In terms of what we are growing, there is a variety of different produce including:

  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Green beans
  • Corn
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes

Are there any new seeds you are planning to try this year?

Our goal with growing produce in our office is to allow our team members the option to take more control of their food consumption cycle. By choosing to grow some of their produce at work, it can help to reduce grocery shopping costs, as well as give people an option to experiment a little more with what they cook at home.

In this process, we are establishing a cycle that sees almost 100% of what is grown being used. For any produce that is not eaten, we place it into a communal composting pile so that the next batch of crops can draw from the remaining nutrients in the soil. 

Another long term office goal is to continue creating a compost system here in office, by team members bringing in their scraps from home, or here at work, to generate our own compost for our seedlings and crops. 

Follow along with us over the next few months to see some updates on our Gardening and composting goals. Together we can all create a community of composers who can share ideas and tips to help each other continue to grow!  Tag us in your own compost or indoor garden set-up we love to see what you do! 



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