Prep N' Spice Bundle
Prep N' Spice Bundle

Prep N' Spice Bundle

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It’s grilling season and Elizabeth Karmel and Bamboozle have partnered with our friends at The Seasoned Pantry to spice up all your favorite foods.

Enhance your favorite summer recipes with The Seasoned Pantry X Elizabeth Karmel Summer Grilling Bundle and a Prep ‘n Serve Starter Set:


  • 1 Medium Prep 'n Serve Tray (9"x13")
  • 4 stackable Prep 'n Serve Cups (14oz capacity)
  • 3 Spices from the Seasoned Pantry (It's Greek to Me, Gulf of Mexico, Fleur de Sel & Kampot Pepper)
  • 3 Exclusive Elizabeth Karmel Recipes!


Made from 100% plant based, biodegradable, dishwasher and microwave safe Astrik.

Prep, Carry, or Serve

What is Astrik?

Astrik is a composite of PLA, plant fiber. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. It is a fantastic substitute to oil based plastics that are both nonrenewable and introduce more carbon to the environment. When properly disposed of in industrial composting facilities, PLA can break down into water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter. Even when disposed of in a regular waste stream it can break down much faster than traditional plastics.

Learn More about Astrik

Prep Cups

Use the 6 prep cups to sort out all your ingredients as you chop away, then after you toss them all together, stack up all the cups for an easy cleanup! 

Alternatively, use the prep cups for all of your pizza or burger toppings and then you're ready to chow!

Spoon Slot

Trays for

Carrying or Serving

With the Prep Set Tray set you’re able to make an easy burger bar without making 5 trips to the grill. Bring out your raw meat right on the smaller size tray and once they’re cooked, place them onto the larger tray.

Prep & Serve

Bamboozle has teamed up with Elizabeth Karmel to create a cooking tool that is functional, efficient, and sustainable. We wanted to create something that combined all these qualities while remaining cohesive and beautiful enough to be displayed in the kitchen, at the grill, or at the dinner table. 

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