Misfit MYSTERY Bowl Set (7


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We have an abundance of extra bowls that can replace any broken ones, resulting in a surplus of random extra bowls. To tackle this, we are offering a Mystery Bowl Box at a greatly reduced price. You will receive a pristine set of 7 bowls with a mystery color pattern, personally hand-selected by Gillian, our color expert. These quirky combos will still look amazing. We guarantee it!

By purchasing this Misfit Mystery Bowl Set, you'll be saving these bowls from sitting idle in our warehouse indefinitely. It's a sustainable choice that adds excitement and character to your kitchen. Get ready for a delightful collection of 7 mixing bowls in various colors, each with its own unique charm. Embrace the surprise and enjoy the vibrant array of Bamboozle hues. Let's make a sustainable choice and infuse your kitchen with excitement!

Please note: Due to the nature of the Misfit Mystery Bowl Set, color selection cannot be guaranteed. Embrace the surprise and let the colors of your kitchen come to life! 


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